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Hi! My name is Siri and I am a certified performance coach with a soft spot for science. My background is in athletic performance & coaching, biomechanics, human biochemistry & biology, and functional nutrition. After drastically improving my health and sports performance through integrative nutrition & lifestyle changes, I've made it my mission to pass along the info. :)

I'm here to help you finally make health sustainable by taking a holistic approach and optimizing your nutrition & lifestyle habits.

I want you to show up as your strongest self for you & yours for years to come!

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"You've unlocked more than 24hrs  in my day. My eating patterns now add energy & focus to my day, rather than take  away from it.  You've made changing simple! Keep it up!"

Ben, Outdoor Enthuiast

" I never realized I had brain fog until Siri recommended a few changes to my diet. Now I think more clearly, calmly, and have more energy."

"How did I not know about this secret before?! I have so much more energy in the mornings and also feel less bloated when I wake up, also helps so much with those night time munchies. I've already dropped some of the body fat I gained back from Covid. Also your product recommendations are amazing! I could go on and on!"

Kayt, Director of Creative Storytelling

"Siri DeMarche is a wonderful coach--I can't recommend her enough. I've been though two personal programs with her (targeting different areas of my nutrition) and have created a lasting healthy lifestyle that I am actually excited to continue."


Rich, Structural Engineer

Francie, Medical Student

Sean, Account Executive 

"After years of using blood pressure medicine, I recently returned back to normal (without medicine) by using Habitually Holistic techniques, including diet and hydration coaching."

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