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Hi! My name is Siri and I am a certified human performance coach with a soft spot for science. My background is in athletic performance & coaching, biomechanics, human biochemistry & biology, and functional nutrition. After drastically improving my health and sports performance through integrative nutrition & lifestyle changes, I've made it my mission to pass along the info. :)

Whatever your goals, I help you to make sustainable lifestyle changes that optimize your biology and that will serve you for years to come.

I want you to show up as your strongest self for you & yours!

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Rich, Structural Engineer

Rich, Structural Engineer

Rich, Structural Engineer

Rich, Structural Engineer

Elizabeth, Student

Hannah, Financial Advisor

Rich, Structural Engineer

"You've unlocked more than 24hrs  in my day. My eating patterns now add energy & focus to my day, rather than take  away from it.  You've made changing simple! Keep it up!"


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Ben, Outdoor Enthuiast

" I never realized I had brain fog until Siri recommended a few changes to my diet. Now I think more clearly, calmly, and have more energy."

Kayt, Director of Creative Storytelling

"Siri DeMarche is a wonderful coach--I can't recommend her enough. I've been though two personal programs with her (targeting different areas of my nutrition) and have created a lasting healthy lifestyle that I am actually excited to continue."


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