I find myself constantly craving sugar during the workday and looking forward to that afternoon pick-me-up latte. I often experience a post-lunch slump and consequent drop in productivity. I find it hard to sustain focus and often feel mentally foggy during my work day. I wish I could find a way to hyper-focus and produce my best work! I want to feel wicked sharp and on top of my sh**.


Workday optimization is for you if you experience anything less than hyper-focus and sustained mental energy during your working day. If you're looking to get more done during your office hours, this one's for you!


What's inside:

-Nutrition tips & tricks to fuel your brain for sustained performance & mental acuity

-Sample recipes that can be adapted/altered to fit specific dietary requiremnents. Easy to prep and bring into the office :)

-A grocercy list to make meal prepping for the workweek easier

-Customizable morning & evening routines to set your day up for success

-Easy practices to incoporate throughout your workday to optimize cognitive function & increased work capacity

-2x optional biweekly chat with me (included in price)


Everything is in a downloadable PDF format, so that you can take them with you however is most convenient. Read the nutrition tips off your phone, print the recipes out to take the store, create your own morning routine from your tablet...



+How to Sustainably Change any Habit in 8 Weeks Lecture Series totally free (to support incorporating the lifestyle practices)


If you're interested in overhauling your office's snack supply and making these choices available to your entire team, let me know! I also work with employers to optimize the work enviornment.


Workday Optimization: cognitive enhancement bundle

  • The link for the zip file with all the downloadble goods is available for 30 days, so make sure you download everything before those 30 days are up!