I'm looking to feel...just better...and healthier?...but not sure what that means or where to look. I want to take the first step, in the right direction.


Let's get you started on right foot! The Whole Enchilada is a complete integrative wellness road map, addressing specific lifestyle and nutrition habits that support optimal wellness, nourishing the mind, body, and spirit. This package is all about curating sustainable daily habits around meal prep, recipe curation, nutrient timing, hormone balancing, stress management, movement, sleep optimization, and more!


What's inside:

-Foundational Functional Training Plan (adressing endurance, strength, agility, speed, & recovery), equipment minimal or optional- designed for convenience & sustainability, regardless of having access to a gym or equipment.

-Month of Workouts (repeatable & scalable so that you can continue training beyond the supplied month of workouts)

-Stretch & Mobility Routine 

-Lifestyle Practices to address chronic stress, inflammation, brainfog, sleeplessness, and more (+tips to incorporating them without getting overwhelmed)

-Nutrition tips & tricks (+sample recipes that can be adapted/altered to fit specific dietary requirements) to fuel your body, aid in physical & mental recovery, strengthen your brain & increase cognitive output, prevent the onset of chronic disease, and more!

-A Grocery Staples Itemized Food List

-A Roadmap to creating Morning & Evening Routines (+my personal routines as a reference) 

-The science behind it all! (broken down into digestible chunks) because everyone deserves to understand how their body works :)

-2x optional biweekly video chat with me (included in price)


Everything is in a downloadable PDF format, so that you can take them with you however is most convenient. Read the workouts off your phone, print the grocercy list out to take the store, create your own morning routine from your tablet, tape the training plan to your fridge...



+How to Sustainably Change any Habit in 8 Weeks Lecture Series totally free (to support incorporating the lifestyle practices)

The Whole Enchilada: whole body wellness bundle

  • The link for the zip file with all the downloadble goods is available for 30 days, so make sure you download everything before those 30 days are up!