Do you feel guilty when you don't follow through (again) when sticking to your latest diet goals? Think about the brain energy you could free up and productively redirect if you weren't so preoccupied with changing your habits? What about the confidence & trust in yourself that you would gain? This was originally a presentation that I gave at an event, but due to popular demand- it is now available to everyone :)


What's Inside:

This lecture address the fundamentals of habit formation, how to bring self-awareness to the habit that you want to change, a realistic & predictable timeline to achieve sustainable long-term change, the psychology behind self-sabotage (& how to prevent it), and more! It will teach you how to seamlessly integrate new habits into your current lifestyle, while weeding out the ones that no longer serve you. All presentation content is based on the latest leading research around habit formation and implementation.  


How it'll go down:

The format of this presentation is designed so that you can take your own notes under each slide for future reference & all in one place, in the case that you want to take the course again for a different habit :) Once you purchase and download it (see "important info." for download instructions), it is yours to keep forever.


25+ comphensive modules with integrative physical, auditory and visual components to create a more extensive learning experience.


Also available in PDF format if you do not have Powerpoint.

Step by Step Lecture Series: How to Sustainably Change any Habit in 8 Weeks

    1. Because of the format and size, it'll say it is too large to download. Lies! I have tested it through multiple emails and on different computer types, and it has downloaded without issue every single time. So go ahead and click "download anyway." Of course, email me if something seems funky!
    2. During weeks 1&2 you will be doing intimate some habit tracking. Download your tracking worksheet here (located lower right ;)
    3. Available in PDF format

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