How can we optimize your home office? With companies likely adopting a more permanent work from home policy, optimizing your home office for maxium efficiency is essential to perform well during your workday. But a remote work scenario comes with extra costs (increase in utlities, coffee, toliet paper, snacks...). Costs that you wouldn't be paying for in the office.


So let's make the most of the situation and customize your physical space to enhance your mental fortitude and allow you to get the most out of your workday.  At less than $100 upfront, this bundle is affordable enough to help convince your employer that it should be expensed through the company- especially because I don't see very many companies dishing out a pandemic bonus to cover these increased costs.


I give you a tailored gameplan to make the most out of your unique physical work space to optimize your workday for maximum efficency. We're talking coffee hacks, snacks, lunch options, hydration options, and so much more! 


Think of it like a corporate wellness program...but at an individual level (:


Step 1: We speak with your company to determine if this is something that can be expensed for you.

Step 2: Purchase bundle and book a free initial consultation to walk me through your current work space.

Step 2: I create a gameplan of what I think would best optimize your work enviornment to enhance your productivity.

Step 3: We outfit your home office with all the goods, at an incredibly affordable price (I've got the discounts!) and hopefully have it all expensed through your company (:

(hint: it'll be WAY less than that fancy in-office coffee machine)

Home Office Makeover