• Siri DeMarche

Why I Spend $10 on a Small Bag of Nuts

Everyone has their favorite nut. I personally love Macadamia Nuts for their buttery taste and decadent texture, and will splurge the extra couple dollars to buy a small bag. Beyond satiation, nuts are a great snack for a variety of reasons. Whether the means to tackling a nutritional deficiency, a necessary component to your mum's trail mix concoction, or as a quick snack to have on hand when hunger strikes, I have compared twelve different nut varieties in a cost benefit analysis to help you choose the best nut for the job! The price point of each nut was determined from the averages of several stores around the Portland metropolitan area. The main takeaways are highlighted in red with additional information included for those that want it. To read more, click on any active link at the very bottom of the page- no research journal membership required.

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