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Low Glycemic/Low Carb/Keto REALLY Good Hot Chocolate Recipe

Updated: Jul 22

This is the closest I've come to proper tasting hot chocolate outside Europe, but without heavy cream & without hefty tablespoons of sugar per serving. It's easy, it'll nail your chocolate craving, and it's REAL GOOD. Don't worry, this isn't just my anti-sugar tastebuds getting on their soap box and having a party! I've tested it on a multitude of folks- all with varying levels of chocolate and sugar addiction (including the skeptics making noise about using heavy cream), so buckle up buttercup :)


-1 cup boiling water

-2 tbsps cocoa powder

-1-2 tsp monk fruit sweetener

-1 tbsp grass-fed butter

-1 tbsp coconut oil/ quality MCT oil

+optional: dash of cinnamom

+optional: 1/4tsp peppermint oil or vanilla extract


1) (gently) Throw all ingredients into blender

*Note: this doesn't work as well on the stove top because you need the blender to get the right consistency in under a minute (esp. with the solid butter & coconut oil situation)

2) Blend until super frothy

3) Pour into your favorite mug & enjoy! (or top with some coconut whipped cream--> recipe here)


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