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Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free Peppermint Truffle Balls Recipe

Updated: Jul 22

Peppermint and chocolate go together like Yin and Yang, Scooby and Shaggy, eggs and bacon, avocado and toast (gluten free toast of course!), my cat and tin foil balls (don't ask), nut butter and jam, sheep cheese and raw honey....ya get it. It's better together. What's not so good is the heavy cream and typical sugar situation in your classic holiday truffle that your favorite aunt brings to all your family's seasonal gatherings. And so...here is a recipe to rival your Aunt Marjorie's famous truffles without the post-consumption sugar crash or guilt from eating a few too many. Plus extra karma points for bringing something for the guy or gal allergic to everything under the sun, including your typical dessert ingredients...well, unless they're allergic to coconut....


-1/2 cup coconut cream

-2 tbsp coconut oil (or grass-fed butter or ghee)

-1 bag dark chocolate chips (I like the Enjoy Life brand)

-1/4 tsp-1/2 tsp peppermint extract

-pinch o' salt

-ideas for optional coating:

+crushed peppermint candy cane

+cocoa powder

+salt flakes

+melted dark chocolate

+coconut shavings

+freeze dried fruit

+any combo of the above


1) Place chocolate chips in a large bowl, add peppermint extract. Let sit.

2) Put coconut cream, coconut oil (or butter or ghee), and salt in a sauce pan.

3) Over medium heat-whisk cream, oil, and salt together. Keep it on the stove top until it is warm enough to melt chocolate, but not scalding hot.

4) Remove mixture from stove and pour over chocolate. Let sit a minute to soften the chocolate chips.

5) Stir to evenly melt all chocolate chips into a smooth consistency

6) Cover bowl with plastic wrap and store in fridge for about an hour (or until you reach a fudgey scoop-able consistency)

7) Scoop into small balls and transfer to flat surface.

8) Decorate as desired!

9) Store in fridge in an airtight container.

10) Show up Aunt Marjorie & be the hero of allergen prone kids everywhere.


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