• Siri DeMarche

3x Ingredient Sugar-Free Fudge

Updated: Jan 14

There is no sweetness in this fudge. As such it has a slight bitter taste to it (without the addition of the peppermint or vanilla). I love it, but totally understand if it's not your style....or the general public's style..since typically if you're wanting fudge, you're looking for a sweet & chewy treat. If this is you, feel free to add some maple syrup or honey to taste if the vanilla or peppermint options are not quite enough.


-1/2 cup coconut oil

-1/2 cup coco powder

-1/2 cup nut butter with no added sugars (I like sunflower seed butter)

+optional: 1/4tsp peppermint extract or vanilla extract (adds some great taste & tricks you into thinking it's sweeter than it is)

+optional: a touch of sweetness to taste (maple syrup, honey...), start with 1tbsp & work up from there, you may not need as much as you think ;)


1) Combine all ingredients in a bowl

2) Pour into a glass container with some depth (I use glass tuber ware containers)

3) Put in fridge or freezer to solidify (If you're impatient like me, use the freezer so that it hardens quicker and you can eat it sooner)

4) Cut fudge into desired size chunks

5) Store in fridge/freezer


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