Work with me on the Kickoff App!

Want the convenience of a personal trainer & nutrition coach in your pocket, but at half the cost?! Work with me on the Kickoff App!

What is Kickoff?


Kickoff is an app that I've partnered with to take out the backend admin stuff from the equation, so that I can provide my coaching at a lower out-of-pocket cost to you! You still get the complete Habitually Holistic experience, but in the form of an easy-to-use & cost-effective app on your phone!

How is Kickoff different from Plans & Pricing or Performance Bundles


Kickoff is different because it primarily focuses around personal training and nutrition, delivered to you in app format. While there is an initial face-to face chat (so that I can learn about you & your goals), most of our communication will be done through the app via text message. Habitually Holistic's plans focuses on any & all aspects of holistic wellness that you may want help with & include biweekly phone calls &/or face-to-face check ins. Performance Bundles are a one time purchase that are based around a variety of the most frequently asked questions that I have addressed with clients, they include optional communication with me. Working with me on Kickoff is less expensive than my Plans & Pricing and more expensive than my Performance Bundles.

How does Kickoff work?

Based on your personal goals & preferences, I send you a weekly training plan complete with how-to videos to ensure that you are performing the exercises correctly, in addition to nutrition help & meal plan curation. Everything is done through the app, including feedback & communication. It's like having a personal trainer & nutrition coach on-demand in your pocket!

How much does it cost?

Kickoff is a monthly subscription of $95 ($3/day), there are also a few different plans you can choose from depending on your budget & needs. And...I can get you a sneaky $25 off your first month- check out the link below!

Sound good, eh? Check it all out here!